AFV13-year-old Christina Ricci in an unnecessary sequel. And John Cusack being emo.

As far as sequels go, AFV is just more of the same as in the first movie, although the material definitely feels rehashed. Essentially this methodical sequel just mimics the success of the original, perhaps too closely to accumulate any individual honors. However, with the whole gang being back it's still worth a watch, even if it is a blatant retread.

Despite the new romantic angles and funny summer camp segments, AFV just seems a little light on purpose to justify it's existence as anything but profit-driven.

The only other con is one that plagued the original: the plot is large and cumbersome and often gets in the way of the fun of the zaniness that is the Addam's Family, but usually the pay-off is worth it.

Worth a watch if you liked the original, but be warned that you just have to ignore the scenes where they try to build up the plot.

I'd go **.