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MATCHES: Karen Beaumont vs. Jenny La Grande / Tracy Harris vs. Ludwig Ramsey

Event One: Atlaspheres:

Female Gladiators: Lightning and Panther
Scores: Karen 6 - Jenny 0

Male Gladiators: Shadow and Warrior
Scores: Tracy 12 - Ludwig 9

Event Two: The Wall

Female Gladiators: Phoenix and Scorpio
Scores: Karen 10 - Jenny 5

Male Gladiators: Wolf and Saracen
Scores: Tracy 10 - Ludwig 0

Jenny had one of the fastest Wall-climbs of season one, but was caught by Scorpio when she had her hands over the top of The Wall. Jenny held on for thirty-seconds to pick up her points. In the men's Wall, Tracy rubbed Wolf up the wrong way by taunting him at the start - and then snatching the ten points. Ludwig fell off three quarters of the way up, making it easy for Saracen.

Event Three: Danger Zone:

Female Gladiator: Jet
Scores: Karen 2 - Jenny 10

Male Gladiator: Hawk
Scores: Tracy 10 - Ludwig 2

Tracy, after humiliating Wolf, continued to humiliate Hawk, who had a bit of a strop when he was beaten. Tracy rubbed any defeat in the faces of the Gladiators...

Event Four: Swingshot

Female Gladiators: Phoenix and Flame
Scores: Karen 2 - Jenny 2

Male Gladiators: Wolf and Hawk
Scores: Tracy 1 - Ludwig 6

Event Five: Hang Tough

Female Gladiator: Jet
Scores: Karen 0 - Jenny 0

Male Gladiator: Saracen
Scores: Tracy 0 - Ludwig 10

For a small guy, Ludwig had tremendous upper body strength and Saracen was only able to pull him down by head-locking him with his legs. John Anderson ruled the move dangerous and awarded the contender ten points. If it wasn't for Saracen's illegal hold, Ludwig only would've gotten 5 points, IMO.

Event Six: Duel

Female Gladiator: Flame
Scores: Karen 5 - Jenny 5

Male Gladiator: Shadow
Scores: Tracy 0 - Ludwig 0

The first female Duel, between Flame and Karen Beaumont was drowned-out by Karen's screaming - "YES! YES! YES! NO! YES! NO! NO!" - every time she hit and took a hit. You'll also hear her yelling in the first event, Atlaspheres. For the men, Shadow was the only man to keep a clean-sheet - and gleefully pay Tracy back for humiliating Hawk and Wolf so badly.

Final Scores:

Karen - 25
Jenny - 22
Tracy - 33
Ludwig - 27


The ladies Eliminator started with Karen's small head-start, which Jenny soon caught up. When she did the two were level for the whole run - Jenny even pushed Karen out of the way just before reaching the zip-line! It was the Travelator that was to decide things yet again - but Jenny attacked it with such speed and aggression, she just beat Karen. Easily the closest female-Eliminator of the year and Jenny obtained the fastest time of 1:12.

The men's show seemed all in Tracy's favour until the Eliminator, which Ludwig stormed through. His experience as a fireman paid off and he powered across the course in the fastest time that season.

Sadly, although both made the Leader-Board, Jenny and Ludwig were ousted by Jane Morris and Tony Bayford when their overall scores pushed the two fastest-runners out.


Jenny La Grande
Ludwig Ramsey

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