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Movie Reviews

Kidulthood (2006) Review

Kidulthood 2006

Starring: Aml Ameen, Red Madrell and Noel Clarke
Directed by: Menhaj Huda
Screenplay written by: Noel Clarke
Tagline: Before adulthood comes...

Let's just say this isn't the British version of City Of God, Boys N The Hood or La Haine


Noel Clarke (better known for his role as Mickey in Doctor Who) pens this 24-hour story of what a bunch of West London school kids get up to when a girl from their class is bullied into suicide.


It seems Noel Clark wrote this with sensationalism and making money in mind rather than actually portraying fellow West Londoners accurately since I was expecting a gritty, violent slice of urban life. In the end, Noel Clarke sells out by having Trice realise crime is evil and uniting him with Ali, so the young lovers can give teenage parentage a go.

I could see where the director was going and what he was trying to express but it was a bad attempt.

It can hardly be compared to a British 'La Haine' because it was lacking in inspired cinematography and gritty realism. The material covered had a lot of potential but it was executed in such an uninspired and predictable manner and it intended to preach. If you watch it expect to be disappointed since it was just one 90 minute cliché-ridden melodrama.

I'd go **.


Written by Tom Dawkings


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