"The website is very impressive with excellent comments from Bob. The site is great and you have done a fantastic job with Tom, very impressive well worth the wait. Bob was taken aback when he went through it for its content and layout."
Maxine Dalton
Vocational Skills Services

Want a visually acrobatic website that might cause bookmark problems but will blow the pants off the 10% of your potential audience that is equipped to view it? Then T-Vizion isn't for you. By pushing the limits of standard HTML, T-Vizion websites are both esthetically pleasing and fully compatible with what the largest possible audience is using to view them - an often overlooked concern by many designers.

If you have any questions about our service, please contact us and you'll receive a quick response, no matter which day of the week it is.

Anyone can make a Webpage, but not everyone can do it well. Some people prefer to use a What You See if What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor, like Netscape Composer of Microsoft FrontPage. (Which has both HTML and WYSIWYG features). These are easy to use, and especially with FrontPage, have extra features. However, downloading one of these programs does not make you a designer, because anyone can make a webpage, but not anyone can design one.

You should want your webpage to stand out and look different from others. One example of this is Angelfire. Almost all Angelfire webpages look exactly the same with different arrangements. You can tell the difference between your average Angelfire page and one that was written from scratch. Webpages are not only good for showing off, but they drive good business too, if presented and advertised properly.

When it comes to design, doing it right makes all the difference. Whether you are looking for a web site, a logo, icons, buttons, banners, posters or animations. And doing it right means not just making it look good, but making sure your audience will get your message. Your Website is a reflection of you and your business.

With the majority of web-design companies, you would be looking at a page right now with forms, buttons and pages and pages of confusion, where you have to choose what background you want, font face, size, design, etc etc. Overall, it can be very confusing, especially if this is your first webpage. Chances are you aren't too sure what you are looking for. That's where we come in. All you have to do is contact us, and we can discuss it together. We will plan out exactly what you want, and go through many samples. Communication is important here, and that's why we do it. We will make sure you are happy with your webpage, down to the finest detail.

Note #1: If you don't have the money for a domain name (which costs a minimum of $60), then we can discuss all the free webhosts which won't cost you a single cent, and which one will be better for your needs. We will also set it up for you, free of charge. Also if you need a domain, we will assist you in finding the best webhost suitable for your needs, again free of charge.

Note #2: When a website is delivered to a client, it becomes the client's property, and is subject to editing in whole or in part by said client.

 CGI Script

There is only so far you can go with HTML, before you will be wanting interactive features on your website. That could include a free-for-all links page, a discussion board or even the ability for Internet surfers to search your whole website, with your own website search engine. That's where Common Gateway Interface, better known as CGI, comes in. Below, are the CGI services we provide. I will install it on your server for you.

· Discussion Board - Visitors to your website can discuss any topic you wish. It can also be used to ask for help, as well as a way to communicate with your visitors.
· Newsboard - This can be used for a variety of things, depending on your website. If you own a sports website, you can give updates on your sport/sport team. If your website is for a product, you can give updates on the product. It can also be used just to let the readers know of updates on your page.
· Guestbook - Visitors to your site can leave a mark, by signing your guestbook.
· Formmail - Visitors to your site can send e-mail to you via this online form.
· Free For All Links - Visitors add links to any web site onto list.
· Counters - Text-based/Graphical count of visitors to web page.
· Random Image Displayer - Randomly display image or background.
· Textclock - Display time and date in text on web page.
· Countdown - Display time until a certain event or date.

My scripts are very simple, since I do not specialise in the CGI area.

JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape that works in all major browsers that are version 3.0 or higher. With JavaScript, a web page really can react to what you're doing: Images can swap when you move a mouse over them and calculations can be made without having to resort to a CGI script. Many web-design companys charge you for Javascripts. I won't. Why not? Because I don't sell them. The reason? There are over a thousand websites that give away free javascripts. I'm not going to try and scam money off of you. The most popular Javscript source site is Javascripts.com.


Quite simply, I don't believe in Java. I feel it is too slow, and not necessary to a webpage. Anything I have seen in Java, you can accomplish with HTML or Javascript. What is the point of someone going to your webpage and then having to wait 3 or 4 minutes for a Java Applet to load? Also, over 40% of internet users have Java disabled in their web browser, and if you have a Java-enhanced webpage, a large majority won't get the full effect of your website.

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