UFC 76
October 1, 2007

Michihiro Omigawa v. Matt Winman. OMG-awa is a part of Team Yoshida in Japan and you know how tough those slanties are. Winman is from TUF, so that means his biggest claim to fame is acting like a douchebag and destroying shit in a TUF House to impress the 13 year olds who believe their bullshit.

Scott Junk v. Christian Wellish. Junk has a lot of fights with ROTC, and he's fat, and he has a lot of KO's, so that's enough for me to call him the NEW Tank Abbott. Christian Wellish sucks. I don't know how he keeps a job with so many PRIDE guys out of work.

Diego Saraiva v. Jeremy Stephens. Holy crap did EVERY TUF guy fight on UFN?

Rich Clementi v. Anthony Johnson. Looking over Johnson's bio, dude has fought for only 2 years, and he's facing a guy thats been fighting for like 8. Bad match up Dana?

Thiago Tavares v. Tyson Griffin. I'm sorry folks, but Tavares won that fight. I can see how three old boxing judges saw it for Tyson, but Tavares won. Took his back 3 times! Besides, Tyson holding on for the duration of third round was pathetic. Booo!

Kaz Nakamura v. Lyoto Machida. This fight should be on a K-1 Hero’s card. Solid win for Machida. Stupid fans for booing him.

Jon Fitch v. Diego Sanchez. Split decision my ass. Fitch mauled Diego. Hey, got to give Joe Rogan some credit for being outraged at this bs scoring system.

Shogun Rua v. Forrest Griffin. Shogun takes the first 2, but then became DEAD tired. How did he gas so bad? This was Klitchko/Brewster I type of gassing. Forrest is a class act and deserved that one and he got the star treatment in this one.

Keith The mean dean of Jardine v. Chucky Lee-DELL. This really shouldn’t be main-eventing any 2007 UFC PPV cards. I guess this is like a “thank you” to Chuck for making the UFC millions, before he gets lost in the wave of 205ers flooding the division. And did Chuck really need the Goldberg entrance? Jardine takes the first landing some thudding kicks to the legs and soft gut of Chuck. Chuck was throwing but not landing and getting pissed. Round 2 goes to Keith. Dropped Chuck with a big right and continues to punish the body. Chuck looks fresher though. Jardine won the third. Chuck with some badly bruised ribs. Chuck's had a helluva run the past few years, but I think it's peaked and the downside could be very bad.


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