Course Details 

NVQ Programmes

A1 Assessor Award
Customised training sessions to meet the requirements of trainee assessors ensuring that they fully understand the assessor role. Individuals are given guidance on portfolio building and supported to achieve the assessor qualification.

V1 Internal Verifier Award
Training and support given to individuals to assist them in performing the IV role to national standards and to achieve the V1 qualification.

Administration Level 2/3
Call Handling Level 2
Customer Service Level 2/3

Individuals are supported from registration to certification. They are given advice and guidance on evidence collection and encouraged to demonstrate their competence in the workplace. They are reviewed and assessed on a regular basis and provided with feedback on their performance and evidence. These qualifications develop specialist skills whilst also incorporating generic skills such as communication, information technology, problem solving, team working etc.

Support Services

A1/V1 Update Training Courses
Briefing sessions to inform individuals/groups on the requirements of the new standards for assessors and verifiers. You will have the opportunity to discuss the impact and the implementation of the new standards on your role.

NVQ Centre Approval Guidance
Health check conducted by experienced verifiers to ensure your centre complies with awarding body requirements for the delivery of NVQs. Advice given on verification and assessment practice and recording keeping.


Sylvia Blight and Maxine Dalton
Sylvia Blight and Maxine Dalton running a workshop at Treloars College


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