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About AAT
  AAT is ideal for anyone wanting to work (or already working) within the accountancy profession such as a bookkeeper or an accountant. On the other hand, you could be a self-employed professional, sole trader or the owner-manager of a small business. This vocational course provides the knowledge and skills to perform the tasks demanded by any of these roles.

For those of you who are new to the AAT, there are three levels to pass in order to qualify for membership, these include:

  Bullet Point AAT Level 2 - Certificate in Accounting
  Bullet Point AAT Level 3 - Diploma in Accounting
  Bullet Point AAT Level 4 - Diploma in Accounting

The assessment for most of the course areas will be computer based. This new system makes it possible for you to do the exams as and when you are prepared. Hence AAT has moved away from the two exams in a year i.e. June and December.

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