American Gladiators
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  AG 2008 - Season 1 - Episode 3

Hosted by Hulk Hogan & Laila Ali

MEN’S MATCH: "Country" Jeff Chapman vs. "Rap" Adonis Lockett

WOMEN’S MATCH: "The Ric Flair of the women's division" Siene Silva vs. Christie Philips

Men’s Event #1 – Gauntlet
Gladiators: Titan, Mayhem, Toa & Justice
Scores: Adonis 10 - Jeff 8

Wow, what is it with the men going on first still? Somebody needs to get rid of the female producer with the Stephanie McMahon-complex.

Women’s Event #1 – Gauntlet
Gladiators: Venom, Stealth, Siren & Hellga w/ penis
Scores: Christie 6 - Siene 10

Siene BARELY completes the course.

Men’s Event #2 – The Wall
Gladiators: Mayhem & Toa
Scores: Adonis 0 - Jeff 10

Despite his hefty build, Jeff flew up the wall.

Women’s Event #2 – Joust
Gladiator: Crush
Scores: Christie 0 - Siene 0

After it was finished Hogan says something to the effect of that the girls took more punishment in those 30 seconds than he did in his entire career. I guess Hogan must've forgotten about the shiner Savage gave him at Wrestlemania 9.

Men’s Event #3 – Earthquake
Gladiator: Militia
Scores: Adonis 0 - Jeff 10

Jeff uses an amateur-wrestling move to pull Militia off the platform. Adonis also appeared to have things well in hand, but Militia grabbed onto the support wire as Adonis' momentum carried him off. Man, Militia really sucks.

Women’s Event #3 – Hang Tough
Gladiator: Venom
Scores: Christie 0 - Siene 10

Siene was awesome in this.

Men’s Event #4 – Hang Tough
Gladiator: Wolf
Scores: Adonis 10 - Jeff 0

Adonis made it across real quick, whereas Jeff made a bad showing.

Women’s Event #4 – Assault
Gladiator: Fury
Scores: Christie 1 - Siene 2

This game is still hard and impossible to complete.

Men’s Event #5 – Eliminator
Winner: Adonis – 3:47

Despite the girls doing a lot better in this, it was the guys who stole the show, as they both tried running up the treadmill at the same time, you didn't know who was going to win, whereas women's portion was one-sided and boring.

Another thing about the eliminator: I think the "travelator" should be a big treadmill all the way across. I'm sick of seeing contestants use the edges that aren't moving to their advantage.

Women’s Event #5 - Eliminator
Winner: Siene – 2:22

Sienne was awesome for most part. In fact the only thing that she struggled with was the handbike and she fell (just like both of the men) but she quickly recovered and went on. She also beat the men's time by over a minute! Anyway, she's like the first female contender this season who definitely does not suck.

Final Thoughts: It's doubtful Adonis will make it to the Final Four with his bad time, but Siene should easily win the whole thing.

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