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Sponsor a cat suiteSponsor a cat suite!

You may be interested and able to help fund our day-to-day expenses relating to one of the available kitty suites. You can do so by setting up a standing order to sponsor one of the 10 cat suites in the main Sanctuary location in Abbey Wood.

If you wish to help us this way, please let us know and we will be keeping you in the loop with news of the kitties that benefit from your support (bank details for all sponsors can be found in the "Donations" page.

North Kent expansion
North Kent expansion - Key Volunteer appeal
Our next "big" project is a satellite Catcuddles in North Kent, so we are looking for a key volunteer fosterer and are also fundraising for a large cat cabin which we will convert to be comfortably host three kitties, with socialising area, which we estimate will cost around £1800.

Tall order, but there is a need for 'the Catcuddles touch' in that area, and some supporting volunteers to help out, so if you can help donate towards that end, please do!!

Blackheath Vets and The Animal Clinic pull their finger out again
Blackheath Vets and The Animal Clinic pull their finger out again
It is a rare occasion that a small yet special charity like ours may receive concessionary treatment by a top-notch veterinary practice, but with Blackheath Vets and the Animal Clinic in Blackheath we have hit the jackpot.

We have not only succeeded getting significant discounts for all our kitties, but are also getting some of the most common veterinary supplies we need near cost and most importantly, our cats get treated by an absolute cat charmer for a vet, who can handle the most temperamental of felines and doesn't mind the odd scratch!

A big "Thank you" to our vets Alan and Margite and the ever helpful nurse teams who have been so tolerant with our ever changing range of felines to treat and appointment delays...


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