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n00z Update 12/15/07

Ugh, it gets uglier…

Deadline Hollywood Daily

Just when we thought there might be movement in the WGA strike, the producers walk away and now it looks like the entire TV season is pretty much a wash unless there’s a miracle. And if it goes to June, like many are predicting, then the Screen Actor’s Guild will likely join the writers on strike when THEIR deal expires, and Hollywood will be pretty much shut down.

Hope you enjoy crap like “Clash of the Choirs” with Michael Bolton and Nick Lachey, cuz that’s all we’re getting for the next year, it looks like.

The Joker strikes again!


The original version is pretty cool, too:


But really, “Batman Saves Money On Car Insurance” is untouchable. I WANT THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT RIGHT NOW!

The REUNION TOUR that the world has been waiting for!

Yahoo News

The Jackson Five, the group that launched the career of pop superstar Michael Jackson, are planning to reunite for a tour as early as next year, Jermaine Jackson told the BBC on Monday.

Speaking to BBC Radio, Jermaine Jackson -- who appeared on British reality television show "Celebrity Big Brother" earlier this year -- said that Michael would take part, and concert dates had been discussed.

"Michael will be involved," he told the broadcaster.

"We feel we have to do it one more time. We owe that to the fans and to the public."

Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael last toured together in 1984 as The Jacksons -- with six members, along with Randy Jackson -- having originally formed the Jackson Five in 1965.

The group stopped touring together as Michael and sister Janet Jackson became international music superstars, and the Jackson Five formally disbanded in 1990.

Michael was acquitted of charges of child abuse two years ago, and Jermaine confirmed that the trial had delayed the reunion project.

"There's been so much going on, getting over all the hurdles that we all were faced with during Michael's trial," Jermaine, who sang lead vocals in the group until Michael took over, said.

"But we are stronger than ever. I'm gonna say thank you, thank you, thank you so much to all the fans and the supporters of my family all over Europe, all over the UK especially, who came out to show their love and their support."

He added that the group were "in the studio at the moment," hinting at new material.

Michael Jackson's representatives could not immediately be contacted by AFP to comment on Jermaine's remarks

Guess someone is short on cash.

Harvey wants to eat me!

Heat sorry for Jordan son sticker

Celebrity gossip magazine, Heat, has apologised to Katie Price - also known as Jordan - over a sticker which pokes fun at her disabled son.

The weekly publication produced a sticker of her five-year-old with the caption: "Harvey wants to eat me!"

Heat's editor-in-chief, Mark Frith, said: "I would like to unreservedly apologise for any offence caused."

Price's spokeswoman said a complaint had been made to industry watchdog the Press Complaints Commission.

'Poor taste'

The organisation said they had yet to receive the star's letter, but they had spoken with Price's management team.

"We received 30 complaints from concerned readers so we contacted her management to make clear we have received these complaints," said Stephen Abell from the organisation.

I have spoken to the Andre's management team and have written a private letter to Katie and Peter to apologise personally
Mark Frith, Heat editor

"We were told she had every intention to complain," he added.

An investigation is due to take place into the incident.

"I have spoken to the Andre's management team and have written a private letter to Katie and Peter to apologise personally," Mr Frith said.

The offending sticker is one of 50 featured in this week's issue, which went on sale on Tuesday.

Fans of the magazine have been commenting on the item on internet forums.

One reader said: "I was very unimpressed with their Harvey sticker. Very poor taste, I can't believe someone approved it.

"Heckle Jordan. Hell, if you must, heckle her parenting skills. But its not fair to be disrespectful of her kids, really - especially Harvey, whose disabilities make him more of a target."

Harvey, whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke, has a growth disorder and is partially blind.

Price has two other children with husband Peter Andre.

The Sticker in question:


Sesame Street Not For Kids

NY Times

I could quote the article, but I'll just give you the premise. Recently the first two seasons/series of Sesame Street were released on DVD under an "Adults Only" heading. The thought is that Oscar The Grouch is just too grouchy, Big Bird's persistence that Snuffy isn't imaginary (a fact that was proven in later episodes) and that yes, The Cookie Monster eats too damn many cookies. Also pipes. Can't have kids thinking it's ok to eat pipes.

Now, the people making this uproar are the ones who grew up with this version of the show. This is what they watched as children. But seriously, how much more afraid of our own shadows will we be in another 20 years I wonder?



Man, first Dog the Bounty Hunter gets canceled, and now the genius of Jay Leno might be interrupted by a strike? But who’s going to deliver those zingers against George W. Bush now? THE PEOPLE NEED YOU, LATE NIGHT TV WRITERS!

Note to Hollywood: I’ll never have a shot at Hollywood anyway, so I’ll be happy to scab. Call me!


Heroes: Origins Canceled

Hollywood Reporter

False start for NBC's 'Heroes: Origins'
By Andrew Wallenstein

Fears of a writers strike may have already contributed to a decision NBC made Wednesday to pull the highly anticipated spinoff miniseries of its hit "Heroes" from a midseason launch.

NBC declined comment, but "Heroes: Origins" is not going to get its six-episode run, which was expected to start as early as late April. While the network hasn't officially canceled the spinoff, producers of the series have been given no indication of when it might get a spot on the schedule.

Sources indicated "Origins" may be just the first of many projects lined up at the broadcast networks in 2008 that will get downgraded as a result of the potential strike, which could severely affect the TV industry. Budget allocations made months ago for a range of scripted programs, many of which will not be feasible without sidelined writers, will likely be reconsidered and potentially shifted to strike-proof material like reality and news programs.

"Origins" had been highly touted as a midseason addition since NBC's upfront in May, when then-entertainment president Kevin Reilly envisioned spelling "Heroes" when it took a late-season hiatus. The network had been promoting "Origins" well in advance of its premiere, noting the enlistment of such top directors as Kevin Smith and Eli Roth to write and direct select episodes.

However, it is also possible that NBC, now under the creative direction of Ben Silverman, may have seen its enthusiasm diminish for an expansion of the "Heroes" franchise given a pronounced ratings drop-off in recent weeks for the flagship series.

It is unclear at what stage "Origins" was in the preproduction process, though it is unlikely scripts had been completed.

In other NBC news, unscripted series "The Singing Bee" has been yanked from the schedule for the upcoming November sweeps period in favor of expanded two-hour installments of "The Biggest Loser."

Sure, there's a strike coming, but I'm sure the falling ratings and backlash from the critics and the fans have *nothing* to do with this. Seriously, this show had one popular season; all these plans for a spin off or sister show, what have you, were ridiculous. They were overextending this "franchise" when its having enough trouble in its second season recapturing what made audiences like it in the first place. And the last thing Heroes needs is MORE new characters when the still-new characters just introduced haven't won the audience over (putting it lightly in the case of the Wonder Twins).

They must realize they'd be best served fixing the mothership before anything else.