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· WWE Summerslam 2008 PPV Review
· TNA Hard Justice 2008 PPV Review
WWE Summerslam 2008 PPV Review 8/17/08

WWE Summerslam 2008- Your hosts are JR, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Tazz.

- From Indianapolis, IN. Original airdate: 8/17/08

- The multiplex stage is awesome and the intro pyro was sweet as well.

- Opening match: MVP w/silvery beaded hair, new ring gear and weight gain v. Jeff Hardy w/ a broken freakin' neck

Welcome back to PPV MVP! There is a thick smoke in the arena... must be the ghost of Rey Mysterio. Tazz seems happy not having to work with Mike Adamle anymore. Nice to see Jeff made a full recovery from his broken neck. Maybe he took some of Kurt Angle's vitamins.... The crowd is pretty good tonight as an MVP chant starts. Someone forgot to tell these two they're not supposed to try to kill each other as Jeff goes flying all over the place. End came when Hardy hit the Whisper In The Wind, but was distracted while going up for the Swanton by Shelton Benjamin as he dived onto Shelton and as he went up for the Swanton again, it missed and MVP hit the Drive By Kick for three. MVP wins! MVP wins! Match didn't need a run-in, though MVP/Jeff/Shelton for the US title is going to be incredible, especially if there's a ladder involved...

MVP d. Jeff Hardy, Drive By Kick -- pin (**1/2) Solid match for a curtain jerker.



TNA Hard Justice 2008 PPV Review 8/10/08

TNA Hard Justice 2008- Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West.

- From Trenton, New Jersey. Original airdate: 8/10/08

- Sting arrives without his make-up on and he refuses to talk. Way to make Sting seem less cool, mysterious and threatening by making him look like a balding, stocky PTA Father.

- F.I.L.T.H.E.E., and Grandmaster Caz open the show with the tune we've been hearing all month hyping the PPV. HAHA, No reaction for these guys. The crowd finally pops for the hasbeen rappers leaving. Thank God that's over.

- X Title, Opening match: Petey Williams v. Consequences Creed w/ Fro

Crowd seems to be in complete mild mode, but then again Creed's whole push since his redebut has been "Hey, here's this guy! He's a good guy! Cheer for him!" Creed's Fro should absorb all the impact of the Canadian Destroyer. Damn Daivari looks BUFF. Crowd is quite behind Petey right now as they do a Boo-Yay sequence, with Creed getting the boos. Jersey is trying to be "bizarro land". Damn that Defiant NJ crowd! Nice to see Mike Tenay simply own up to the crowd being behind the heel, rather than trying to give us the runaround. Creed D T on Rhaka Khan! Wow Don West LOVES Man on Women Violence. End came when Petey retains the X Title by pinning Creed with the Canadian Destroyer (after teasing it for like 6 times), after Sheik Abdul Bashir interferes and hits Creed with a steel chair.

X champion Petey Williams d. Consequences Creed, Canadian Destroyer -- pin (***1/2) Really fun X opener.