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This was a pretty damn good finale. I'll cover the lesser stuff first.

One of our drud dealers that kidnapped Monica decides to make her "extra crispy" by tying her up in a soon to be arsoned building. Micah plans on saving her and tells Niki, "All you have to do is drive." Can't Micah just whisper sweet nothings to the car to make it go? Anyways, they get there as Mr. Drug Dealer is hopping in his van. So Niki pulls in front of him, kicks him in the balls, pistol whips the location of Monica out of him, then pistol whips him unconscious. Dude just lost all his street cred. BTW, Ali Larter's ass looked FANTASTIC here. She goes in the burning bldg, and this part was really unclear, but she helps Monica escape but is trapped. Monica and Micah watch as the monster explosion occurs. Funny as hell, I was really pulling for Niki to survive and Monica to die. Don't like Monica anymore.

Mohinder comes home, Maya is cooking breakfast because Sylar is "starving." Hehehe. Mohinder learns Sylar is without his powers, so he pulls a butter knife on him, but ol' Sylar's draw is quicker and he has a gun. Maya's mascara runs and that starts to kill Mohinder and Molly in addition to Sylar, so she reverses it. Sylar wants the cure dammit!

Bob is really harsh on Elle, a little too harsh if you ask me. (She wasn't exactly a victim type character when she was introduced.) She goes to Noah looking for her origin info. He tells her that Bob, basically, was an awful father that overtested her powers.

Peter and Hiro fight. Hiro has an opportunity to decapitate Peter but stalls and Peter electrocutes his blade, thus knocking Hiro unconscious. Adam takes his katana back. Ma Petrelli tells Nathan and Matt where the virus is at and tells Matt to kill Adam AND Peter if necessary. You know, Matt Parkman has gained about 5lbs per episode. Adam and Peter make their way through the 3rd floor at Primatech. A pretty badass scene with Peter flinging paper manufacturers with telekinesis and Adam showing the blade skills. Adam suffers a particularly deep papercut to his skull, but does recover! They reach the vault and Adam tells Peter to get the door down. Peter uses telekinesis to remove the hinges and pull the door open.

Nathan flies Matt to Odessa, TX. Funny scene as Nathan has trouble landing do to Parkman's weight. Hiro comes outside to greet them. Hiro teleports to the vault to stop Adam and Peter. Peter flings him against the wall and pins him there. Matt comes from behind and tries to use mind control but Peter shrugs it off. Nathan comes from around the corner to talk Peter down and show him the light. I'm guessing that having Nathan go before Matt and Hiro might have been a good idea. Hiro heads into the vault and Adam puts the katana against Hiro's throat. Hiro grabs him and teleports as Adam drops the virus. Peter races in and stops the virus from hitting the floor. Peter nukes the virus. Matt, Nathan, and Peter agree that they're done paying for the sins of their parents.

Mohinder brings Sylar to the lab. Sylar notes that he killed Isaac there. Molly tells Maya she can find Alejandro. She remote views but nothing comes up. Maya is upset and Sylar shoots her in the throat. Mohinder has a prime opportunity to attack Sylar, when Sylar puts the gun down so Mohinder can draw his blood, but Mohinder does nothing. Well thanks for playing Dr. Suresh. Anyhoo, Elle sees Sylar at Mohinder's lab (thanks to the Company having video survellience there. She decides to play hero to win her father's approval and heads for Mohinder's.

Sylar insists Mohinder use the cure on Maya first, to prove it is the real deal. Maya is cured. Sylar grabs the cure as Elle firess some electro beams at him. Sylar fires a few bullets at her. She hits him with some electricity and he crashes into a glass pane, but Sylar IS A MAN and keeps on trucking. Mohinder thanks Elle, and then shits a brick when he realizes Sylar he the cure.

Matt, Nathan, and Peter’s conversation is under the same Company surveillance as Mohinder’s lab. Nathan says it is time to come out of the closet… about their powers.

West learns why you should never get involved with women as Claire sends him packing and he isn’t even moving anywhere! Noah comes home. The family rejoices. Noah lets them know that he has cut a deal with the Company—He is back working with them in exchange for the security of his family (i.e. the Company will leave Claire alone.) Someone should probably tell West about this development.

We learn that Hiro has buried Adam alive as Adam screams 6ft below the earth’s crust. Hiro informs us that Adam will never hurt anyone again. Yeah right. Nathan holds his big presser to announce that he can fly. Before Nathan can make the big reveal, three bullets find their way into his chest. Nathan lay dead in Peter’s arms as the gunman just casually walks away. Matt Parkman was there too, and it’s nice to see a cop on top of the situation. We cut to Ma Petrelli on the phone with a mystery caller as she watches replays of the assassination on MSNBC. (Let’s get this straight: Man can fly. Check. Girl can comeback from the dead. Check. Man can travel back in time. Check. People watch MSNBC? Now they’re starting to stretch things a bit too far.) Anyway, Ma Petrelli agrees that the assassination was unavoidable. Folks, mother of the year right here. The Generations chapter closes, as Chapter 3: "Villains" is introduced. Sylar shoots up the cure in an alley and moves a can of Popeye’s Spinach using telekinesis. “I’m baaack.”

Thoughts: Well, it is hard to watch Nathan go, but word is that the actor will be back as Pa Petrelli. Sylar stole the show for me. His “Now look what you made me do” after shooting Maya was classic. I am a bit concerned about Peter’s powers. His mastery of other’s abilities is alarming. Matt should have been able to tame him, but Peter just kicked his mind’s ass. At this point, Peter has to be deactivated in some way for the larger portion of future seasons because no threat can hold a candle to him. I mean, he is stupid, but that isn’t a viable excuse anymore. Even being an empath, he doesn't have to be this strong. Matt introduces him to mind control and Peter masters it in less than 5 seconds? It wasn't necessary. Sylar didn’t look so menacing in that alleyway because we just got through seeing Peter own Hiro, Matt, a 20 ton vault door, and 10,000 paper manufacturers. Hmmm, a 20 ton vault or a 20oz can of Bush’s Baked Beans??? You be the judge.

Another thing that irks me is what good is it for Sylar to acquire any new powers when Peter Petrelli can immediately piggyback it? The only power that can help is the power of the Hiatian. Now he would be pretty unstoppable if he got that. BUT, Peter has already meet the Hiatian, so how come he can't nullify powers too? Peter has to either die or have something drastic happen to him next season, or else he'll be a major problem.

I'm guessing Peter acquires Maya's power, and he becomes a complete outcast. Remember how he reacted to having the exploding man powers? Couple that with the runny mascara and he'll be a complete pariah. Then again, he seems to have MASTERED the whole going nuclear thing, so there goes that theory. Maybe he got the virus, the curse, or whatever the symbol meant in the dust when he nuked the virus?

Sylar isn't really scary as much as he is creepy. And Suresh is dumb enough to give him his powers back, even though he's just a psychopath now rather than an all-powerful psychopath.

They have to give Sylar the remote viewing ability. He has to start acquiring some new powers now. I don't care much for the "runny mascara kills everyone in a 100ft radius" power, so I hope he doesn't acquire it from Maya. I'm guessing the brain in the vault will be Sylar's lunch. Has to be.

I don't understand the Sylar dislike out there. Yes he is a pretty simple character, but that is a good thing IMO. There are those that say he has "run his course" but he stole some scenes last night. Quinto is awesome. He took the platitude "I'm baaack" and gave it an extra layer of cool. His delivery is fairly perfect. Quinto makes those lines. To sum up, Sylar is a great character, so the more of him the better.

Also if they had killed off Micah, this act would've made it my favourite show of all time. And not just because I don't like the character (although I don't). But with Micah being the one trying to band people together as a team of superheroes, killing him would make the statement that this isn't your typical or traditional superhero story. Which would be a good start, because I think this show does take the "easy route" fairly often. Plus, the consequences for Nikki's character could be phenomenal.

And why no deus-ex-machina to bring Nathan back from the dead? Although, it's nice to know Peter's blood can't heal people

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