UFC 77
October 21, 2007

  1. Middleweight bout: Alan Belcher d. Kalib Starnes – TKO, 1:39, RD2, doctor stoppage. Both are pretty cookie-cutter with no really notable skills or weaknesses. Starnes suffered a deep cut above his right eye, forcing the close of the fight.
  2. Light heavyweight bout: Stephan Bonnar d. Eric Schafer – TKO (Strikes), 2:47, RD2. Horsepower gets another shot at redemption. Bonnar pulls this one out because he has the extra motivation of knowing if he loses this fight his future will be in the IFL. And that's some scary shit. If MMA was a religion the IFL would be its version of hell. At least maybe you can get some Costa Rican pussy in BoDog and Calvin might chop some lines for you.
  3. Lightweight bout: Alvin Robinson d. Jorge Gurgel – Decision (29-28, 29-27 & 29-27). Wait... this is on the main card? Rly? Srsly? Does anybody give half a crap about this fight? I mean, if Dana wants to throw on shitty fights to kill airtime he really needs to bring in PRIDE's "freak show match". At least you can laugh at that. Giant Silva and Zulu jr need work, Zuffa! Gurgel isn’t as good as the UFC hoped he would be.
  4. Heavyweight bout: Tim Sylvia d. Brandon Vera – Decision (29-27, 29-28 & 29-28). We all know Tim Sylvia is completely talentless and as graceful as Andre The Giant the day before he dropped dead. But he gets the job done. I can't stand that douche, and am in full support of his mother for abusing him as a child. And our national nightmare begins again. Big Nog... save us. I didn't see this as an upset as much as I see it a learning experience for Vera. I think the size difference plus Vera not fighting in a year really factored heavy into this fight. Vera will be back, maybe even at 205.
  5. Middleweight Championship bout: Middleweight champion Anderson Silva d. Rich Franklin TKO (Strikes), 1:07, RD2. Silva looks invincible right now. He's the polar opposite of the PRIDE crew (Rampage aside) where he was so-so there but has done nothing but flourish in the UFC. He has absolutely sick stand up, he proved he's not afraid of ground fighters, and you're probably not going to catch him with a flying knee bar again. And Franklin? He's the kind of guy who is good at everything but great at nothing. He's passable, but nothing special. His title reign was when the Middleweight division wasn't a fraction as tough as it is now, when the top contenders were Evan Tanner and David Loiseau. And right now Silva is on a roll and looks like he can run through the entire division like it was a cake walk.

Joe Rogan also interviewed Brock Lesnar on the UFC 77 PPV and Lesnar said he's signed with the UFC.

Will he get his ass beat? Will they pamper him with shitty wrestlers/BJJ guys to pad his record? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!~

Btw, this is the guy with a career record: 3-6. He lost to a pure kickboxer in Ray Sefo... he's a nobody. But he beat former WWE wrestler Sean O'Haire!!!!~ That means a ton!


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