Hill Park Autistic Trust

Hill Park Autistic Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life of able autistic adults.

Our charity was formed to help autistic adults achieve their fullest potential with the aim of enabling them to function confidently within the community by teaching them social and other necessary life skills.

As well as managing a residential home for adults with high functioning autism we also operate a successful outreach scheme, a training service and a specialist councelling for professionals, families and service users.

We also provide funds for college courses, work experience, liht household maintenance, furniture, holidays, and other aid for those whose only income is their basic personal allowance.

Our training scheme both for residents and outreach clients aims to equip them to cope with domestic skills such as cooking, paying bills, etc.

Our primary project is to expand our service by raising finance for move-on accommodation in the form of independence flats for up to 12 autistic people, and in the fullness of time a further dedicated home in the south of England.

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