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NVQ Programmes
  • Management Level 4
  • Management Level 3
  • Administration Level 4
  • Administration Level 3
  • Administration Level 2
  • Customer Service Level 3
  • Customer Service Level 2
  • Managing Call Handling
  • Operations Level 4
  • Supervising Call Handling Level 3
  • Call Handling Operations Level 3
  • Call Handling Operations Level 2

For further information please call us on 07767 881031

Training Courses

Team Building — half day

Team Building with customer awareness — whole day

Personal Effectiveness — whole day

Leadership and Motivation - Man/Supervisors — two days

Team Working and Team Leadership –
Man/supervisors/team members — two days

Self-development Programme

Are you managing a happy and motivated team?

Are your managers afraid of giving feedback to poor performers in your team?

Can your supervisors deal with conflict?

Is too much time being wasted on internal politics?

Are your teams not working to their full potential?

Are staff only spoken to when they have done something wrong?

If any of the above sound familiar, we can help you. We are not offering you a one day training course, that staff love to go on and forget the next day!

What makes us different?

Our programme lasts for a minimum of six months. Learning is constantly reinforced. People have time to put new skills and techniques into practice. They can use us as an effective sounding board. We are not afraid to face issues, and can resolve otherwise unresolved problems.

How do we do this?

Training … Assessment … Coaching … Motivating … Identifying weaknesses … Building on strengths…

Each individual will be encouraged to actively become involved in self-assessment, and monitoring of their own performance.

We record and give one-to-one feedback on their call handling skills.

We will introduce and implement a complete assessment and development programme.

We will train and coach your supervisors and managers in giving powerful and effective feedback so that they can develop their teams in a positive and constructive way.

By the end of the six-month programme managers and supervisors will feel confident to continue the use of these new techniques.

Staff will feel confident in their own ability.

Everyone will have achieved a nationally recognised qualification. Team members level 2, supervisors level 3 and managers level 4

Who is this for?

Staff who deal with customers, and manage relationships either internally or externally.

With the introduction of the new Call Handling National Standards, we are now able to offer a complete package to develop each individual to their full potential.

Can we really do this.

Having won the customer professional of the year award for the last two years running, we feel confident to say yes! However please feel free to ask some of our current clients what they think? We currently are working with Equant, Lex Vehicle Leasing, Mars, Thrifty Car Rental, Stannah Lifts.

And the cost?

This will cost you from £950 per person. You can offer it at the next appraisal. You will find it more motivating than money!

For further information please call us on 07767 881031

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