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What benefits can you expect from an NVQ

Recorded Phone calls to Customers

Individuals are asked to listen to their calls and self assess their performance. One to one verbal and written feedback is given and a development plan produced to improve their performance. This is repeated two or three times to monitor progress and achievement.

How good is your attitude?

A survey is carried out confidentially to managers and colleagues on individuals attitude towards their job They are asked to self assess their attitude before receiving verbal and written feedback. A self development plan is agreed and short term targets set.

What do others think about your skills in resolving problems?

Witness statements are written on how well individuals resolve difficult situations on behalf of customers.

Have gone that extra mile to build customer relationships

Case studies are written on the types of situations that they have handled well.

What do you know about the industry you work in?

Taped question and answer sessions are held to confirm their customer service knowledge as well as their knowledge of the industry they work in.

What additional benefits can you expect?

Resolving conflict in working relationships

Coaching and mentoring on relationships that are not working.

Building confidence and self esteem

Encouraging individuals to acknowledge their achievements. Giving positive verbal and written feedback. Encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone. Identifying their areas of strength, assessing development needs and agreeing a development plan with short term targets.

Improving relationships with internal departments

Bringing individuals together from different departments who need to work together to have a day of carefully planned games and tasks. Facilitating team feedback session to deal with and resolve areas of conflict.

Our Experience

We are highly experienced at giving both positive and developmental feedback. We are not afraid to confront difficult issues, and have had great success in finding positive solutions to many communication problems

For further information please call us on 07767 881031

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