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Books by Post is a catalogue of the 650 top recommended titles for development and relief professionals, selected by our technical experts, and all available from Intermediate Technology Publications.

The books are listed here section by section. Select the topic you are interested in to see a list of the key recommended books.

Agriculture and Food - General

Agriculture and Food - Biodiversity and Sustainability

Agriculture and Food - Farmer Knowledge and Experimentation

Agriculture and Food - Crop Production

Agriculture and Food - Livestock

Agriculture and Food - Fisheries

Agriculture and Food - Food Processing

Agriculture and Food - Forestry

Building - Materials

Building - Construction

Development - Vulnerability and Disasters

Development - Urban

Development - General

Development - The Multilateral Development Banks

Development - Participation in Development

Development - Management

Development - Financing and Fundraising

Development - Monitoring and Evaluation

Development - Technology

Education, Training and Communication Skills

Energy - General

Energy - Biogas

Energy - Biomass

Energy - Solar

Energy - Water

Energy - Wind

Enterprise Development - General

Enterprise Development - Micro-finance


Gender Issues and Women in Development

Health - General

Health - Disability

Health - HIV and AIDS

Health - Mother and Child

Health - Nutrition

Manufacturing and Engineering - General

Manufacturing and Engineering - Mining

Manufacturing and Engineering - Recycling

Manufacturing and Engineering - Textiles

Manufacturing and Engineering - Workshop Equipment

Soil and Water Conservation


Water and Sanitation

Editions Francaises

Titulos en Espanol

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